The Benefits of Philanthropy


Philanthropy is helping and promoting the less fortunate.The word comes from the Ancient Greeks,as the word “philos”, means loving and “anthropos” refers to humans. Philanthropy has been practiced throughout history by religious means and non religious means in most cultures. Philanthropy is not the same as charity as charitable help is mainly, to give ,however, philanthropy is much more as it enables the less fortunate to act or carry on with some challenge.

Today, philanthropy is done by many groups, such as religious and/or service groups. It is also done by many individuals,who seek to better society.This is done in a variety of ways, which could include an advisory board,input from the general public and research. The business community and the government are often both working side by side.Technology is a main part of philanthropy today. Many organizations have a main focus or mission to help the community or to help globally. There are some philanthropists who operate on their own conceptual idea,such as Warren Buffet. He is a philanthropist in our time,who has achieved his great wealth through investments primarily.He is considered to be one of the world’s richest men with strong feelings on giving back to humanity. One of his quotes that shows his position on philanthropy is “If you’re in the luckiest of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the others.”

Giving is Growing

Buffet is best known in philanthropy for giving more than $30-billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and for supporting the philanthropic work of his three children. He gives quietly gives to many other groups and is recognized for his investment philosophy and for his personal frugal style of living. He clearly shows the joy of giving takes precedence over receiving.He is truly a philanthropic model for us all.

Philanthropy today, can include a variety of ways to help those in need. It helps to raise the bar on society. We all can help by giving as well in our own way. Jason Hope feel that SENSE Foundation can benefit from Entrepreneurs by helping donate and being involved with the research of that people at the SENSE foundation  so that others can benefit as well. That’s what philanthropy is about.